1.Read  the  information  about  travel  agency Norvista. Make  your  own  travel  leaflet  which  will  include  different  original  outdoor  activities. Prepare  the  electronic  version  of  your  page. 

2.Are  you  a  woman alcoholic?   Test  yourself. Read  one of  the  articles  and  write  your  comment.

3.Go to Victorian  hobbies  and  pastimes and explore the page.

4.Study  the  text Victorian  pastimes. Do the  tasks  orally.

Compare  Victorian  hobbies and  pastimes  and  this  one. Answer  the  questions:

1)     Is  there  any  difference  nowadays  between  the  pastimes  of  well-off  people  and  ordinary  ones?

2)     Do  you  always  care  about  your  leisure?

3)     What  does  good  recreation  depend  on? Do  you  think  money  is important  condition? 




 Find out the most popular pastime in the UK. Choose any pastime you like and imagine that you are a manager of the travel agency. Work out the programme for travelers that will be suitable for  everyone ( Mind their age and budget).

2004 Buivolova Kate/Smirnova Julia